Changent Zero


We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

Howard Zinn

While we patiently await the launch of the zero waste app, where Changents choose, create and accomplish any number of missions, the Changent Zero website will provide a mission ‘toolkits’. Let’s start making a difference now. 

All circles begin at 7 pm ET and run until 8:30 pm ET on Zoom.

October 2022Affordable, Attainable & Sustainable Housing
Guest speaker: Mike Clare of MICAH
Learn more about affordable housing here.
June – SeptSummer break! See you in October.
Guest speakers: Sabynthe Jones and Eva Greff
Join Eva and Sab’s Facebook page – Grow Now Ontario
Presentation file in PDF – learn more about growing, feeding, and sustaining.
Sab and Eva’s SEEDS resources – a comprehensive list to get you started!
Veggie Seeds DATABASE – a guide on seed storage, germination, transplanting, and planting
Article – Parkdale Heritage: The Jones’ Farm (1972-2018)
April 2022EARTH DAY CELEBRATION with live virtual concert & dance party!
Featuring: Michael Holt and his band Woof, Woof, Meow!
Check out the full concert here!
Collective poem, My Heart is Dancing
March 2022Understanding Environmental Racism – in conversation with Shannon Kitchings and Valery Woloshyn
Presentation file in PDF – take a look at the incredible information and case studies presented at circle.
Resources to learn more about environmental racism.
Collective poem, In Solidarity of Peace
January 2022Letters for Change – How to write persuasive letters that move the needle on policy
Guest speaker: Elaine Jackson, Yoga Teacher, Writer and Environmentalist

Resources on taking action:
– How to write, where to write and why – tips, list of organizations, and links.
– Elaine’s presentation file in PDF – get all the incredible info that Elaine shared at circle!
Collective poem, Inkwell ~ Love on Paper
Nov 2021Climate Change Theatre Action
Guest artist: Maxine Heppner, Dancer, Inter-medial Creator, Performer, Educator & founder of Across Oceans Arts

Resources on taking action: Links to activist organizations, and eco-theatre resources.
Collective poem, The Music of This Moment
Sept/Oct 2021BIG, everyday and [micro] plastic: What is it, who is it and what can we do to CHANGE it?
Presenter: Karen Wirsig, Plastics Program Manager at Environmental Defence

Read Karen’s blog on plastic pollution here.
Want to learn more about The Junkyard Symphony who played at the circle? Click here.
Collective poem, Spark of Light
June 2021Indigenous Perspectives on Climate | Host: The Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity (CCRC)
Changent Zero and the CCRC are collaborative partner organizations. When we found out they were hosting a live and interactive broadcast called VIEWPOINTS: PEOPLE, PLACE and TIME with a focus on Indigenous Perspectives on Climate on June 24th, we knew we had to share this with our Changents.
Watch the full event here –
Full interview with Tero Mustonen and Byron Flekke here.
Video clip with Betty Bastien can be accessed here.
Become acquainted with the Paris Agreement (video).
Collective poem, And Repeat
May 2021Resource:
Creativity and Connection – a toolkit for adults and kids! This toolkit is about creating space for inquiry. The first step is about you and for you!
April 2021
Seeds of Change | Presenter: Alexis Edghill-Whalen
‘Seeds of Change’ Resources – Civic engagement, the imperfect activist and gentle advocacy
Climate Solutions Plan for the city of Ottawa – artist Jennifer Shepherd of Living Tapestries
Civic Engagement Tool – tips on how to engage city/town council on issues you care about
Healthy Planning 4 Healthy Citizens Facebook group for York/Durham
Collective poem by the participants of The FIRST Changent Circle titled, At First Sight