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Changent Zero

Changent Zero

Changent Zero is a threefold vision; a community circle, a zero waste app and an interactive game, all designed to inspire, educate and support individuals to move from overwhelm to becoming agents of change (“Changents”). 

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan

The foundational pillars of Changent Zero rests on three important and intentional objectives. Click or scroll down to learn more.


INSPIRATION – Becoming the hero!

Changent Zero offers a pathway for individuals to step into their power, moving from overwhelm to engaging in life as a changemaker. We believe that when we access our creativity and sense of play, we naturally move from survival into action. 

Creativity is the dynamo that generates our energy. When we are creative, we can connect with, direct, and convert our energy into the change we wish to see in the world.

In order to respond effectively to the colossal scale of change that is needed on our planet, without the effects of fear taking over, we will need to develop new habits, beliefs, and skills to support ourselves to act. Bringing something into existence that has not been here before is an act of creativity. It means changing how we live. And it means reconnecting physically, mentally, and emotionally with the earth.

This is also why all Changent Zero phases will include elements of creativity and artistic expression. Through this creative expression, our sense of connection, responsibility and desire to live as one with the planet, is realized.

A Changent is a person who recognizes and cultivates their interconnectedness with the earth.

Find your inspiration by participating in The Changent Circle

EDUCATION – Helpful resources

Changent Zero offers resources linking self-care to care of the planet through experts, research, artists, and missions. 

Through a comprehensive, accessible, and solution-based lens, our resources are a curation of the wonderful works already in play that we can all join in on. Get to know about the sustainable development goals, the connection between well-being and sustainability, and the importance of arts and creativity.

These resources will inspire you and provide you with the knowledge needed to empower you, so you can enjoy experiential missions to develop Changent YOU.

Want to learn by watching inspiring videos or reading empowering information?
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Want to learn or apply your knowledge experientially?
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SUPPORT – From newbie to expert

Changent Zero’s adventures begin by offering support to all Changents through grounding and empowering meditations, a community circle (The Changent Circle), a facebook community page, and the resources provided on our website.

As Changent Zero develops into the 2nd and 3rd phases, the Changent support offerings will grow into a zero-waste app and an interactive game.

Step into your Changent-self and support others by sharing the results of your monthly mission by posting your comments, pictures and art on our FB page