Changent Zero
Call for Impact Investors

Call for Impact Investors

We are currently seeking Impact Investors to help our vision grow. If our work interests you or meets funding criteria, reach out to us. We are committed to its growth and success because we believe in our mission. Specifically, we are seeking support to develop the next phase of our vision, developing the zero waste app. 

Changent Zero has three phases of development (community circle, zero waste app, interactive game), and all three will inspire, educate and support a community of Changents that are tackling critical problems.

PhasesDescriptionInvestment Opportunity
Phase One
The Changent Circle
The Changent Circle is the grassroots community foundation that will inform the development of our zero waste app, which will in turn create the foundation for our ultimate interactive virtual and real life game.

The Changent Circle will run six to eight times a year. At present, these will be virtual circles. Once the world can meet in person again, Changent Zero is open to other Changent Circles sprouting up across Canada.
Circle Sponsorship
Mentorship & Training Materials
Marketing & Promotion

Phase Two
Zero Waste App
The Zero Waste App is a simple, playful and easy-to-use platform that allows Changents to select and accomplish missions to reduce waste and realize self-care.App Development
App Implementation
Marketing & Promotion
Phase Three
Changent Zero
Changent Zero is an interactive game built on the premise of gamification – a 21st-century addition to the English lexicon. It means the incorporation of game elements, like point and reward systems, to incentivize motivation and participation. It is effective because it taps into our competitive nature and desire for achievement, and makes something potentially daunting into a game. When we are playful, we move from survival into creativity.Game Creation
Game Development
Game Implementation
Marketing & Promotion