Collective Poem #2
Collective Poem #2

Collective Poem #2

On Thursday, June 24th approximately 30 people came together at our Changent Circle. From this gathering, each individual contributed a word or key phrase when we asked, “As you sat in our grounding meditation, what was an image that came forward about yourself as part of Earth.” This creative exploration brought forth And Repeat Enjoy!

And Repeat


lengthening upward to the sun, rooted deep in the earth
change is not always comfortable, but it can be beautiful

wind surrounds
intimate connection
breaking through into the light

radiant growth
nurturing love
evolving peace
sweet grass

network of roots
that weave and intermingle
feeling serenity and community
deep in the flow and heartbeat of Mother Earth

weight of attention
awareness of others
live in the present
N-Tlak menth-katha (“look after the land”)

we are symbiotic – everything that leaves the Earth returns to it and repeat

And Repeat is a collective poem created by all the participants of The Changent Circle, “CCRC’s Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change ” on June 24th, 2021. (Titled and arranged by Tanya Porter)


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